How mature is your organzation?

Do you need to care and does it matter?
Actually failure can to 85 % be attributed to the organization (some say 90 %). It all depends on the management, systems, procedures, processes, and standards in place if you will succeed with all or almost all projects.
A mature organization will succeed time and time again.

What do we mean by mature? When measuring organizational project management maturity the following are usually included:

  • Are standards for projects, programs and portfolio management available? Have they been communicated and are they used?
  • Is it possible to measure the processes?
  • Are you in control?
  • Do you have continuous improvement of the processes?

And not least that the organization has a structure for:

  • Ensuring that all initiatives supports the strategies, goals and objectives
  • Policies and guiding principles for portfolios, programs and projects.
  • An active resource allocation.
  • Sponsors who are able to fulfill the role
  • Competence development both in the short and long range
  • Measuring project success with a Project Success Index
  • Benchmarking

OPM#(r) is one way to measure the organizational project management maturity. OPM3(r) is a standard developed by Project Management Institute (PMI). OPM3(r) has been established as a de facto standard for measuring OPM maturity. For more information on OPM3(r) please visit

Or send a mail to Kjell Rodenstedt at, who is a certified OPM3(r) assessor and consultant.

Published by Kjell Rodenstedt, 2010-03-01


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