Enterprise Architecture 4 day workshop in Stockholm 14-17 December

TOGAF is one of the popular frameworks which can be used to mould various aspects of Enterprise Architecture. This 4 days workshop covers the latest version of the method – TOGAF 9 – and prepares candidates for the TOGAF 9 certification.

There is flexibility built into the TOGAF Framework, primarily through the key concept of the Architecture Development Method (the ADM) which is inherently adaptable to co-exist with other frameworks such as Zachman, BPM, SOA or Solution Architecture methodologies such as SDLC or even Agile.

TOGAF provides a discipline for Enterprise Architecture while also providing the flexibility to adapt the method for any specific organization or methodology.

For more in-depth details kindly log on to: TOGAFWorld

Published by Kjell Rodenstedt, 2010-11-17


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