OPGPort seminars

Next seminar will Monday May, 10, in Milano during the PMI EMEA Global Congress.

Organization Project Governance the total management system around how an organization manages its portfolios, programs and projects.

OPG includes how to the total process of decision, measuring, controlling and improving with regard to initiatives, projects and programs. The follwing may be part of OPG, but are not limited to:

  • The decision process, including mandates
  • Roles and organization
  • Policy and strategic alignment
  • Processes for Portfolio, Program and Project Management
  • Hoe the processes interact with each other

OPG Port is a site where all knowledge including standard processes and templates may be downloaded for free - all you need is to become a member, which is also free.

Published by Kjell Rodenstedt, 2010-03-03


Lena Johansson, 2010-03-08:

Väl värt att lyssna på. Seminariet tar projekt till en högre nivå. Därmed också projektledarerollen och projektledarens status.

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